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The Agentx016

Indian Pale Lager - 6.0% ABV 
Our Black History Month Beer
The latest beer in our Agent Series, a crisp and lively India Pale Lager, celebrates the history of a man befitting both the ‘Agent’ moniker and Black History Month! James Armistead was a slave born around 1760 in Virginia to a master named William Armistead, a devoted patriot dedicated to the American cause. During the Revolution, James was granted permission by his master to enlist in the French Allied units of the Marquis de Lafayette. The army promptly dispatched him as a spy using the cover of being a runaway slave, which gained him access to the headquarters of British General Cornwallis who accepted him without suspicion. Because of his intimate knowledge of the local roads and terrain, James was appointed as a British spy to serve underneath Benedict Arnold (the famous spy who left the Continental Army and joined the British!). His mission from Lafayette’s units remained intact and he acted as a highly valuable double agent for the Americans, with among his finest intelligence contributions leading to the American victory in the Battle of Yorktown, which proved to be the final battle of the Revolutionary War. In 1787, the Marquis de Lafayette petitioned Congress on behalf of James and ultimately earned him his freedom. As a show of his gratitude, James assumed the Lafayette surname. In 1824, the two crossed paths again when Lafayette returned to America for a grand tour. Speaking at one of the events on the tour, the Marquis de Lafayette spotted James Armistead Lafayette in the crowd and the two embraced. Indeed, in this Agent X016 beer, the styles of a crisp lager and an India Pale Ale embrace in a singular satisfying drink. With each sip, you’ll detect notes of both lager and IPA, dancing back and forth as double agents between their styles. It’s only available on tap in the Barracks Taproom in West Chester during Black History Month, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Be sure not to miss it!.

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