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The Brown Bess

Brown Ale - English.

5.1% ABV 20 IBU Artillery Brewing Company West Chester, PA.

British forces in the American Revolution used a muzzle-loaded musket that stayed in service for over a hundred years with the moniker 'Brown Bess' with long-throw capability ranging between 100-300 meters (109-328 yards), and unleashing its shot at speeds of 400-550 meters/second (1300-1800 ft/second). The Brown Bess English brown ale also goes down quick, with smooth rich flavor that reflects the time-honored craft of the famed English musket. Sadly, for the British, they lost the war, but it wasn't any fault of Bess. Brewer's notes: biscuit-y and toasty, with elements of rich coffee roast and chocolate notes. Brown and full-bodied, despite its light alcohol content

16oz Can 4 Pack $14Case of 16oz Cans $65
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