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On Tap at The Barracks - West Chester Beers

The Fog of War

IPA - New England / Hazy.

6.5% ABV Artillery Brewing Company West Chester, PA.

Prussian military analyst, Carl von Clausewitz, spoke of "the fog of war" in 1832. The phrase has come to represent the perceptual 'fog' which a soldier may experience in battle, making it difficult to determine battlefield bearing. Thick clouds looming from black powder-loaded weaponry during the Revolutionary War most likely added a physical dimension to this phenomenon which obscured a soldier's view. The Fog of War IPA imbues this same sense of opacity owing to its hefty haze contributed by its hop-induced thick, pineapple aromas and murky golden-orange glow. Brewer's notes: double-dry hopped with Triumph and Azacca to offer sweet orange, pineapple and melon on both nose and palate

16oz Can 4 Pack $18Case of 16oz Cans $74
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