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On Tap at The Barracks - Beers

The Midnight Ride

Stout - Coffee.

5.8% ABV Artillery Brewing Company West Chester, PA. 

Paul Revere, the son of a French immigrant, was a silversmith and industrialist, is most famous for The Midnight Ride. Employed as a courier, Revere was instructed to ride through a sleepless night by horseback through towns around Boston on the way to Lexington to alert the townsfolk of the impending British arrival. Contrary to the legend of Revere crying out "The British are Coming!", the ride was performed quietly to ensure completion of the mission. The British arrived by water, and Revere gave the instructions to send the signal to Charlestown. Revere was eventually captured, questioned by the British and his horse confiscated. Dark, rich, and deliciously-infused with French Roast coffee from The Ocean City Coffee Company, The Midnight Ride is a classic coffee stout, an ode to the historic role of coffee during America's War of Independence (which replaced tea as the popular morning drink in reaction to the British Tea Act of 1773). Brewers Notes: Sweet and full bodied. Coffee aromas and flavor are prominent, but notes of chocolate, burnt bread, nuts and licorice make themselves known

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