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On Tap at The Barracks - West Chester Beers

The Patriot

IPA - American.

7.2% ABV Artillery Brewing Company West Chester, PA.

Strong and dedicated to the principles of a forming nation. The ale, just like the person - man, woman or child - desires to be the rock of stability in the midst of swirling chaos. Even as some clouds may surround The Patriot, the core values shine through: a rich malt backbone, bright and energetic hop aromas, and a look that tells you it can be relied on to be true. We call this 'Mid-Atlantic' because it blends some of the best features of West Coast-style IPAs and New England-style IPAs. Brewers Notes: Moderate malt sweetness balanced with bright citrusy hop aromas and flavors that give way to earthy hop bitterness. Clear, luminescent gold/amber color

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