As colder weather approaches, the Thornbury Farm taproom will be closed for the remainder of the season, and we will be looking for a new brewpub home in the area that will be larger-capacity and year-round. Our apologies for the uncertainty over the past few months, and we thank you for your patience. Please keep tabs on our website and Facebook for updates.

The Artillery Team


Our Vision

The beer market is filled with lots of great breweries and brewpubs. While we also make great beer, our vision is to be different. We aim to be a family-friendly, farm-to-table and farm-to-glass experience. This special historic location immerses you into the American Revolution and our vision includes becoming an 'estate brewery', growing all of the ingredients necessary for our beers, right on the farm. We will not be a 'mass producer' - rather, we'll be artisans creating hand-crafted beers that are only available at what was once the historic Brandywine Battlefield. You won't find us in the beer distributors. You won't find us in the local supermarkets. You will find us at Brandywine Battlefield off of Thornbury road. Come and join the revolution!

Artillery Brewing Company brings to life the birth of our Nation through an arsenal of fine ales. Join the Revolution!

The Artillery Brewing Company is the result of a passion for good beer. Inspiration for our recipes comes from the great Belgian-style and German-style ales we’ve enjoyed for decades, as well as the vibrant India Pale Ale variants that have exploded on the scene over the past ten years. Our Battlefield Ales borrow from recipes of the American Revolution and bring them to modern day with subtle modern brewing touches. We don’t seek to create one-off beers with wacky ingredient combinations. Our beers deliver clean and pure flavors, with painstaking craftsmanship built into every step of the process. We take pride in what we make. We learn from our mistakes. We rise up to meet and exceed your expectations. We hope to be your go-to place for great beer.





The Cannonball

It’s both Golden and Strong. No pretenses. No formalities. This ale is coming to take your breath away, sneaking up on you while you’re not noticing it. But then – BANG – there it is. Crisp, peppery and champagne-like, The Cannonball is sure to be an all-season staple in your arsenal!



The Battle of Brandywine

Just like its historic inspiration, this ale is memorable and significant. Taking much from the land, the Battle of Brandywine is an alchemist’s mingling of grape and grain: Cabernet Franc grape must is cultivated in a dance with a grain bill that elicits flavors of dark plum and raisin, all topped off with artisanal Belgian chocolate shavings to blend in luxurious smoothness. Its subtlety leaves the imbiber not knowing exactly what they’re detecting... but it’s very good, and the result is a delight to the palate.



The Minuteman

Ready in a moment, lithe and eager to fulfill a mission. This ale is likewise ready at a moment’s notice, clear-eyed and pure, bright and ready to fulfill its destiny, again and again. With flavor that belies its unencumbered nature, this is a perfect ale to enjoy at any time and still be ready to continue on in a minute.



The Musket

It was ubiquitous in the battles that engulfed these fields. Indeed, it became intertwined with its inhabitants in the same historic space… the grains, the water, the air… and The Musket Classic Saison shares this same vision. Clear roots from the harvest. Bright and inviting aromas captivate like a field in mid-spring. Lift your glass, inhale deeply just above the rim, close your eyes, and for just a moment, become a part of the fields that surround you.



The Patriot

Strong and dedicated to the principles of a forming nation. The ale, just like the person - man, woman or child - desires to be the rock of stability in the midst of swirling chaos. Even as some clouds may surround The Patriot, the core values shine through: a rich malt backbone, bright and energetic hop aromas, and a look that tells you it can be relied upon to be true, sip after glorious sip.